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3 unique pieces. 7 days to try at home.

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How It Works

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Take a fun style quiz

Share your jewelry preferences, lifestyle, & budget. Then we’ll match you with one of our jewelry experts - it’s like having your own personal jeweler.

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Consult with your jeweler

Chat via text or phone. She will curate pieces for you to review. Switch out any piece that isn’t right. Finalize your Box selection. Then, get excited!

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Shop at home

3 unique pieces. 7 days to try at home. Play with your jewelry and show your friends! Buy what you love. Send the rest back.

Luxury jewelry you can try-before-you-buy

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No fees. No subscriptions.

Only a $149 deposit that's credited toward any purchase.

Jewelry prices range from $250-2000.


Take our quiz to discover jewelry curated for your style and taste.


Holidays. Birthdays. Anniversaries. Mother’s Day. Or Just Because. We’ve got you covered. Present her 3 options. She chooses the keeper.

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What makes Access79 different?

Every woman deserves to feel confident and empowered in the choices she makes, including how and where she shops for fine jewelry. The experience should be better than a daunting store or buying blindly online. Welcome to Access79!


Shop at home on your own time

Try before you buy

Complimentary round-trip shipping


No high-pressure salespeople

No intimidating showcases

See your jewelry before paying


Discover new designers and styles

A personal jeweler at your fingertips

Style it with your existing wardrobe

Meet the Founders

What our clients are saying

“Megan sent me the pearl studs I asked for, but also some cool dangly pearls I never knew I wanted, but love, love, love!”

Lisa - San Francisco, CA

“I got to try diamond studs I wanted to buy without ever having to go to the jewelry store - amazing! I shopped in peace at 10pm in my sweats while my daughter slept.”

Amanda - Chicago, IL

“I never considered myself to be a jewelry person, but Access79 changed that. Sarah was a pro, she not only found exactly what I wanted but introduced me to so many pieces and designers I never would have found at a typical jewelry counter.”

Eve - San Francisco, CA

“I’ll never walk into a jewelry store again. Access79 made my jewelry shopping experience so easy and fun! Eva was so knowledgeable about the jewelry itself, as well as jewelry trends. I can’t wait to see what she picks next.”

Rebecca - Naperville, IL

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of jewelry can I expect?

You can expect jewelry made from the highest quality materials, such as solid gold, platinum, or silver. Pieces may have precious gems such as diamonds, emeralds, sapphires, and rubies. Or gemstones, such as moonstone, pearls, amethyst, and turquoise.

Where does Access79 get its jewelry?

We work with a great mix of independent designers, across the United States and Canada, scouted for their fresh point of view. Styles vary from classic to edgy to dainty. We carry jewelry that meets our clients’ styles, preferences, and budget.

Who are your personal jewelry stylists?

Our personal jewelers are a diverse group of jewelry experts, well-connected in both the jewelry and fashion world. They have an art-meets-science approach to curating luxury jewelry. Each jeweler has expertise in the jewelry industry, and has her own well-developed, enviable sense of style and aesthetic. She knows the technical aspects of luxury jewelry as well as the latest trends and styles. Most important, our personal jewelers are great listeners and communicators, who are there to answer your jewelry questions, give guidance and their expert opinions, and help you look and feel your best.

What does my personal jewelry stylist do?

First and foremost, she listens to you. You can tell her about your style, taste, budget, and jewelry needs and wants and she will take the information in and suggest pieces that work for you. New to luxury jewelry shopping? No problem. She can make suggestions and give you her expert opinion on everything from look to quality to value. She will connect with you as many times as you need to show you lookbooks of pieces you can choose from to try at home. Your stylist will communicate with you in the way you prefer (text, phone, email) and at times that are convenient to you.

What kind of person uses Access79?

There’s no one kind of person! Our clients range from busy executives, to knowledgeable jewelry lovers, to multitasking moms, to your trendiest friend. We are also the service men and women turn to when looking for the perfect gift. One thing all our clients have in common is that they crave a new, convenient, fun way to shop luxury jewelry.

Why would I shop with Access79 and not just a jewelry store or online?

That’s a great question! First, our knowledgeable and well-connected personal jewelers curate pieces especially for you. Second, you get to try pieces on at home so you can take time - 7 days to be exact - to decide what’s right for you. So you get pieces you want without having to deal with intimidating showcases in outdated stores or endless searches online. We give you a convenient and stress-free way to experience the jewelry before committing to purchase.

How much does the Access79 service cost?

We charge you a $149 deposit when you request a Box. If you buy one or more pieces from the Box, we deduct the $149 from the purchase total. The $149 gives you access to new styles and designers, your own personal jewelry stylist who hand-selects pieces in your Box, and the opportunity to try jewels at home on your own time.

What happens to the $149 if I don’t like something in my box?

Our goal is to help you find the perfect pieces that fit your taste and your lifestyle. We also want to make sure that shopping for fine jewelry is not only convenient and stress-free but also fun. So, if you don’t like what’s in your first box, we will gladly send a second box to you on us. We want to get it right. If after giving us the opportunity to get it right, you are not satisfied, we are happy to refund the $149 deposit.

How much does the jewelry cost?

We carry a variety of luxury jewelry, with pieces starting at $250. Many of our most exclusive pieces are priced under $800. When you consult with your personal jeweler, you’ll tell her your budget. She will curate pieces with that in mind.

Do I get to give my input about the jewelry before it gets sent to me?

Yes, your personal jeweler will send you a digital lookbook of pieces to review. If a piece isn’t quite right, she will curate alternatives based on your feedback. She will then send you a Box of the 3 pieces you’ve approved to try at home.

When do I get charged?

When you first sign up with us, you’ll be charged a $149 deposit for your Box. If you purchase one or more pieces from your Box, we’ll charge you the price of the piece(s) less $149.

How long do I have to try my pieces before being charged?

From the day you receive the jewelry, you have up to 7 days to try the jewelry and send back the pieces you’re not purchasing. If you haven’t shipped your pieces back by the 7th day, we’ll assume you’re keeping them and charge your credit card less the $149 deposit. To make shipping convenient, we include a free return shipping label with your pieces.

How do I ship the jewelry back to you?

After you receive the jewelry, your personal jeweler will email you a review form. Use the form to tell us what you’re purchasing and what you’re sending back. Then package the pieces you’re not keeping and affix your prepaid shipping label. You can schedule a pick-up with the carrier or leave the package at the carrier’s drop-off location. Please be sure to include the original packaging and send back jewelry with the tags intact.

Will you remind me how much time I have left before I have to ship back a piece?

For sure. Your personal jeweler will check in with you during your 7-day try-on period and remind you of your due date.

What’s the cost of shipping and returns?

Shipping both ways is free and all shipments require a signature upon delivery.

Will I receive pre-worn jewelry in my box?

No. All jewelry is brand new and shipped straight from our showroom in Florida.

What happens if I lose or damage a piece?

We want you to have a fun shopping experience, not a stressful one. We ask that you take care of the pieces and return them in good condition. If you lose a piece, we will consider it sold and charge the credit card on file.

Can I return a piece that I’ve bought?

The Access79 service is intended to provide clients with the time needed to decide if the piece is a good fit. As such, all sales are final.

What does the name Access79 mean?

Luxury jewelry shopping is known for being intimidating and the service of trying jewelry on at home is often reserved for ‘elite’ clients. We believe luxury jewelry shopping should be the complete opposite experience. We want to make luxury jewelry accessible and the shopping experience fun! As for the 79, it’s a throwback to Gold in the Periodic Table.

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